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Understanding Tai Chi


Tai Chi is a Chinese Martial Art, first developed by Chan San-Feng, in the 11th century, when he combined the tendon stretching techniques of the Shaolin Temple and an ancient Taoist form called The Early Heaven Movements.


Tai Chi is a style of QiGong with slow, graceful, fluid and powerful dance-like movements that gently turn and stretch the spine. It massages the internals and opens the channels and meridians while systemically, restoring the body to its original health.

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Each of our Instructors has over ten years of experience. Initially, we start with classes where we learn the fundamentals. These basics are practiced daily until they become a natural foundation for all our movements. This allows for improved balance, posture, and energy flow.


As a form of complementary medicine, practices can be tailored to individual needs making it an ideal aid to recovery from illness or injury.


Understanding the living philosophy of Tai Chi allows us to become more centered and to understand our Self. It is our commitment to our exercise and our students over 30 years that have people returning for years.



Health Benefits


Tai Chi improves motor skills, balance and corrects posture slowly and gently. It increases the circulation of the blood and other body fluids. Muscle strength and flexibility are noticeably improved.


Research has shown, Tai Chi and Qigong are beneficial treatments for Headaches, Asthma, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Pain, and a wide variety of common ailments.


Because there is a connection between physical and emotional health, not only is there a marked improvement in organ function, emotional balance is improved over a relatively short period.


People who practice Tai Chi regularly report having more energy and drive. They sleep better, have improved balance, flexibility and knee strength, and reduced the incidence of falling in the elderly. Tai Chi cultivates focus and calmness. 

Tai Chi

Systematically restoring the body to its original health.


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Cleanse, balance and control the flow of life energy.


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Achieve a mentally clear, emotionally calm, and stable state.


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